TE United takes down Crusaders in OT Thriller 115-113!

For the second weekend in a row the NY Crusader would find themselves in Overtime to decide the game, and for the second time they would lose a nail-biter. This time to TE United, who were on the attack the entire game. TE’s Dynamic Guard Bobbi Harris would again put on an offensive show, putting up a monster stat line of  32 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assist and 6 steals. Unlike TE’a Previous game he would have help on the offensive end . Rookies Kevin Cox and “Muse” would both have outstanding debuts. Kevin Cox leading all scorers with 34 points and Muse putting up 24 Points and 11 rebounds. Veteran Forward Malik Jenkins Gave TE the front court presence they were missing, going a perfect 6/6 from the field and hitting big shots down the stretch, he finished with 13 points. With these new additions TE United have presented themselves as a team to be reckoned with. The Crusaders on the the other end, fall to 0-2 with 3 games left in the qualification round, their next game now becomes a must win. Scoring Leaders for the Crusaders were Isaiah Holman(21 points, 6 rebounds) Derrick Fernandez(25 points ,4 steals) Keith Moss (22 points, 5/9 3pt) and Tyrell Cosme(23 points, 5 rebounds)