Team Hardwork moves on to the next round with blowout win vs Crusaders 74-53.

Hardwork didn’t waste anytime getting down to business in this one, as they started the game on 19-3 run. The mix of Hardwork’s 3pt  shooting and crusaders cold starts put this one to bed early. What ended up being a complete display of two teams on the opposites of the pendulum. Hardwork the championship favorites, who were missing two key players still manage to pull off the 21 point victory and a spot in the next round. Key contributors for Hardwork were Bryan Green(16 points,5 rebounds,3 steals) newcomer Odalis Rodriguez (16 points,7 rebounds) Kenny Gaskins III(10 points,6 assist,4 steals) Duane Rhoden(13 points, 5 rebounds) and Sal Clark(11 points) for the Crusaders Tyrene Patterson(11 points, 8 rebounds) and Derrick Hernandez(11 points, 8 rebounds).