Pride vs Hardwork Week 2 10/19/19


In week two of the MBI League the Manhattan Pride continues their stellar play taking down a very tough Team Hardwork. The Pride’s team play have been essential to their early success as they continue to move the ball offensively and gang  rebound to create second chance shots. Leading the way is Guard Prince Samuels who continues to display a tough, gritty and assertive offensive game that has overwhelmed opponents so far. The game however was back and forth for the most part, neither team taking the lead by more than 6 points through out the game. The difference would come down to rebounds and second chances. Hardwork, who is typically a strong rebounding team was out worked on the boards 41-28. The Prides guards would be the players to answer the rebounding call (Cadet- 9, Samuels-8, Shaw-5). The game was a tight until late in the forth. For the second week in a row Samuels fourth quarter offense would blaze the trail, making several strong finishes down the stretch. A set of And-1s (the first by Samuels and the other by Shaw) would be the two big plays the Pride needed to allow Nagaya to put it away with 2 free throws. Players of the Game for the Pride were Prince Samuels(26pts,8rebs,3ast) Ahmed Nagaya(23pts,6rebs,)Winston Shaw(11pts,5rebs,3ast)Fred Cadet(9pts,9rebs,4ast). From Team Hardwork, John Greenfield(21pts,4ast) Bryan Green(22pts,6rebs) Duane Rhoden(12pts,6rebs,6ast)

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